Memories of SARS 2: Testing

More about SARS, very much second-hand. Without testing, we wouldn't have caught the second outbreak until it had started to spread again. And we could have a third and a fourth outbreak, happily killing doctors and nurses. Outbreak 1: Let's kill all the doctors It didn't take much testing to get started, because the second… Continue reading Memories of SARS 2: Testing

Memories of SARS 1: Tracking

I was never part of the effort, but I got to hear the war stories from the people who were, when we built a new cluster for one of the epidemiological tracking systems. And it was very much like a war: if you were one of the nurses and doctors, you made up one third… Continue reading Memories of SARS 1: Tracking

Errors, as if they were in a safety-critical system

In some systems, errors are really evil. Trains running into cars at railroad crossings, for example. In computer programs, the errors aren't of that seriousness, but what if we looked at them from the viewpoint of someone doing safety-critical systems? Many moons ago, I attended Jonathan Ostroff's course on safety-critical systems, which studied things like… Continue reading Errors, as if they were in a safety-critical system

Two Technological Contributions to Modernizing PIPEDA

This is my submission to the Director, Privacy and Data Protection Policy Directorate, Innovation, Science and Economic Development on the modernization of PIPEDA. I’d like to bring to your attention two existing technologies which deserve your consideration, to enable them to implement privacy protection and preserve reputation while still addressing free speech rights. • In the… Continue reading Two Technological Contributions to Modernizing PIPEDA