Typhoid Mary

My local <coffee shop> opened up again, and I went in to see what looked like a good set of protections: signs, masks, plexiglass partitions and so on, but the server who made my latte handled the cup, cap and the stopper for the cap with his bare hands. This is exactly the scenario we… Continue reading Typhoid Mary

The DBA said “Dave, …”

Sometimes, it's a case of not so much needing a guru as you do someone who exposes information for the smart people you already have. Like the DBA. Introduction Some years back, when Sun was still alive, I was part of a big capacity planning project with an industrial customer. The economy wasn't super good,… Continue reading The DBA said “Dave, …”

There are two kinds of tests, but lots of names

“reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction” tests RT-PCR tests PCR, or polymerase chain reaction tests dna tests rna tests nucleic acid tests tests using DNA and RNA, that recognize the virus directly, usually from nose and throat swabs blood tests serology tests antibody tests IgM-IgG tests Immunoglobulin tests tests where one detects antibodies in the blood, from… Continue reading There are two kinds of tests, but lots of names