Composing an “Arbiter of Truth”

William Gibson once said The future is already here—It's just not very evenly distributed. That also applies to the solutions to problems, like that of finding out who's telling the truth in widespread discussion. By Gibson's dictum, we should expect to find different parts of the solution, but not together, and likely in all sorts… Continue reading Composing an “Arbiter of Truth”

Living Through Dunning-Kruger

I had the good fortune to be diagnosed with a heart "flutter" this winter, and successfully treated. Found the bug, fixed the bug. But part of the treatment was a beta-blocker, which I was warned would sap my strength. What I was not expecting was it would turn me into a living example of the… Continue reading Living Through Dunning-Kruger

There are two kinds of tests, but lots of names

“reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction” tests RT-PCR tests PCR, or polymerase chain reaction tests dna tests rna tests nucleic acid tests tests using DNA and RNA, that recognize the virus directly, usually from nose and throat swabs blood tests serology tests antibody tests IgM-IgG tests Immunoglobulin tests tests where one detects antibodies in the blood, from… Continue reading There are two kinds of tests, but lots of names

Errors, as if they were in a safety-critical system

In some systems, errors are really evil. Trains running into cars at railroad crossings, for example. In computer programs, the errors aren't of that seriousness, but what if we looked at them from the viewpoint of someone doing safety-critical systems? Many moons ago, I attended Jonathan Ostroff's course on safety-critical systems, which studied things like… Continue reading Errors, as if they were in a safety-critical system

Two Technological Contributions to Modernizing PIPEDA

This is my submission to the Director, Privacy and Data Protection Policy Directorate, Innovation, Science and Economic Development on the modernization of PIPEDA. I’d like to bring to your attention two existing technologies which deserve your consideration, to enable them to implement privacy protection and preserve reputation while still addressing free speech rights. • In the… Continue reading Two Technological Contributions to Modernizing PIPEDA