Slaw Links

I occasionally do guest posts in, a legal blog. They're a bit different from my nerdly stuff, but are the origin of "leafless". In reverse chronological order, these are An AI to Make Me Smarter, 21 June 2017 The Case for Redesigning Caselaw, 15 May 2017 Unlimited Copying Versus Legal Publishing, 1 June 2016 Using… Continue reading Slaw Links


Canadian Politics, as Seen by a Space-Alien

I’m often puzzled by American politics, but it’s relatively simple. There are liberal and conservative parties, with ambiguous names, and they occasionally swap places. Usually they overlap, but not in this century. Canadian politics, however, can be confusing. There are five national parties, four of which are national, and they are named after what they… Continue reading Canadian Politics, as Seen by a Space-Alien

“DLL Hell”, and avoiding an NP-complete problem

Needing two incompatible version of the same library  can be an evil problem, and a recent paper pointed out that solving it was NP-complete. "DLL hell" has been a problem in Windows and many of the free and commercial Unixes. Interestingly, it was recognized and fixed in Multics, but then reproduced in both Unix and Windows, and… Continue reading “DLL Hell”, and avoiding an NP-complete problem