Even a little bit helps

On performance projects,  I'm usually looking for bugs or bad decisions that have cost my customers orders of magnitude of performance. This week, I needed to quantify the value of 0.01 second. A customer had an old program that responded to a REST query in a tenth of a second and a brand-new version that… Continue reading Even a little bit helps

Mickey Mouse needs our help

Canada lacks protection for “famous characters” like Mickey Mouse or Rhett Butler, and so faces the same problems the U.S. has. In the United States, companies needing protection have found it necessary to campaign for extension of general copyright terms. This extends the lifetime of copyright well past the lifetime of the author, and is… Continue reading Mickey Mouse needs our help

When “Update” means “Migration”

A previous customer needed to replace a program before a 32-bit counter turned over, a simple task...  However, the 2^32 links pointed to 2^32 large files, so suddenly we were doing a large-data migration. ProblemsBefore the new service can be used, we have to do all of get the current working set onto the new servicearrange… Continue reading When “Update” means “Migration”

Avoiding an NP-Complete Problem by Recycling Multics’ Answer

Go can be trapped into an NP-complete problem, that of handing mutually contradictory library dependencies, if we fail to render the problem impossible. Multics started in a world where such contradictions could exist, but refused to stay there. The Multicians responded by making the problem impossible by construction. This wheel was re-invented in Solaris, and… Continue reading Avoiding an NP-Complete Problem by Recycling Multics’ Answer