Try, try again (without catch)

In a previous life on clunky old individual machines, I used to have to semi-manually run steps with careful checks in between and stop if anything didn't work. Gee, now I have clusters, which have gazillions of machines, all of which I have to apply a series of steps to, and stop if anything goes… Continue reading Try, try again (without catch)


Avoiding an NP-Complete Problem by Recycling Multics’ Answer

Go can be trapped into an NP-complete problem, that of handing mutually contradictory library dependencies, if we fail to render the problem impossible. Multics started in a world where such contradictions could exist, but refused to stay there. The Multicians responded by making the problem impossible by construction. This wheel was re-invented in Solaris, and… Continue reading Avoiding an NP-Complete Problem by Recycling Multics’ Answer