De-indexing, unexpectedly solved

Contrary to our previous expectations, PIPEDA already guarantees a person the right to de-index material which is inaccurate, outdated or misleadingly incomplete, even if the publisher has a legally credible reason for not taking down the original document. We failed to see this because we all looked at the very public ongoing suits involving Google.… Continue reading De-indexing, unexpectedly solved


a series of pipes …

No, no, this is for illustrating bandwidth, not a deranged description of the internet by a mad trapper. This week's problem Recently I was in a discussion of pipeline performance with a number of folks, ranging from a networking engineer, to a developer and to some dev/ops folks. We were trying to compare a bunch… Continue reading a series of pipes …

My submission to the CRTC re website blocking

I am a published author on technical subjects, and therefore a beneficiary of copyright. I  have also been a close follower of the debates around website blocking and de-listing that culminated in Google Inc. v. Equustek Solutions Inc., 2017 SCC 34 (CanLII). I would like to suggest that the CRTC not support an extra-legal mechanism for… Continue reading My submission to the CRTC re website blocking

To Continuous Integration / Deployment add Continuous Testing

I've had good experiences with BDD (behavior directed development) based on the "behave" python implementation, and wanted to try a go version. In the process of trying out tools, I discovered that the goConvey team had also provided a continuous-testing daemon that didn't wait until I did a git push, but instead did a test… Continue reading To Continuous Integration / Deployment add Continuous Testing