Anomaly Detection & the Western Electric Rules

Detecting anomalies sounds simple: all you have to do is define what’s normal, and look for what isn’t. Of course, exhaustively defining what’s normal could be just a little hard. Introduction When working as a sysadmin I keep having to detect business anomalies. Alas, the usual tools sysadmins have available aren’t designed for that. Graph… Continue reading Anomaly Detection & the Western Electric Rules

Being Evil, for Fun and Profit

Imagine you needed a part-time job that paid about $100,000 a year, and was still legal. It could be unethical, immoral and fattening, but it does need to be legal. Have I got a deal for you! Introduction Remember the kids in Veles, Macedoniai in the previous US election? They were making about $1,000 a… Continue reading Being Evil, for Fun and Profit