We Don’t Need no Steenking Major Numbers!

In a previous life, I worked with continuous-maintenance systems, as used by the Linux glibc libraries team, the Sun binary stability team, and historically, the Multics kernel team. In all there cases, we managed a codebase so that while there were changes, they were evolutionary, not revolutionary. Others tried to avoid change Other companies, famously… Continue reading We Don’t Need no Steenking Major Numbers!

Anomaly Detection & the Western Electric Rules

Detecting anomalies sounds simple: all you have to do is define what’s normal, and look for what isn’t. Of course, exhaustively defining what’s normal could be just a little hard. Introduction When working as a sysadmin I keep having to detect business anomalies. Alas, the usual tools sysadmins have available aren’t designed for that. Graph… Continue reading Anomaly Detection & the Western Electric Rules