Being Evil, for Fun and Profit

Imagine you needed a part-time job that paid about $100,000 a year, and was still legal. It could be unethical, immoral and fattening, but it does need to be legal.

Have I got a deal for you!


Remember the kids in Veles, Macedoniai in the previous US election? They were making about $1,000 a month by creating fake pro-Trump websites. What if you could do much better?

What you need is a something contentious, with a small but highly-motivated opposition. Your job is to become their white knight.

How about Vaccination?

Its safety is a closed question in science and law, but some people hate it. That meets the standard for being contentious. And there is a community of anti-vaxers out there, with a history of citing retracted papers claiming things like links between measles vaccine and autism. They’re motivated.

A part-time job developing web sites and Facebook groups could turn a good publicist into their hero. All you need to do is study how rumors and propaganda flow, and follow the same recipe.

Creating your support group

The next step is turning that into income.

You can’t start an identifiable charity or non-profit to fight against vaccination, you’ll get blocked on Facebook, just like Vaccine Choice Canada. You need something that can fly under the radar.

And that’s the key: flying under the radar.

Your task is to find a thousand supporters, tell them the deep state won’t allow pubic organizations to campaign against vaccination, and show them all the work you’re doing (in your spare time) to advance their cause. You’re their dark knight, their Batman, their secret sharer.


To support the secret? A monthly donation of ten dollars, small enough that it won’t show up on their taxes, so they won’t be at risk of being investigated by the police.

Of course, for you it’s just taxable income from a part-time job doing publicity for a loose group of people. Ten dollars a month, a thousand supporters and twelve months adds up to $120,000 a year, of which you probably will need to spend a couple of thousand creating new web sites and Facebook groups when your old ones get closed down.

You’re now a nicely-paid mole, and you’re doomed your opponents to playing whack-a-mole, and we all know how hard that is to do.




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