Typhoid Mary

My local <coffee shop> opened up again, and I went in to see what looked like a good set of protections: signs, masks, plexiglass partitions and so on, but the server who made my latte handled the cup, cap and the stopper for the cap with his bare hands.

This is exactly the scenario we had with “Typhoid Mary”, Mary Mallon (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Mallon). An asymptotic cook, handling food with their bare hands, infected 53 people with typhoid fever and killed 3.

The shop was well-protected from me, but I was not at all protected against them transmitting the virus to the part of the cup from which I drink.

One thought on “Typhoid Mary

  1. By happenstance, I was in Tim Horton’s last weekend, and they were doing the same kind of sterile procedure Joyce used to do when working with hepatitis virus: one pair of nitrile medical gloves to protect the server from me, and a pair of super-el-cheapo throway gloves for each customer who they had to give change to. (Fortunately this is Canada: all our money is washable)


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