Other things to use a load generator for

Along with load testing, my projects use a generated load for:

  • Profiling
    • Where does the program spend it’s time when it’s actually doing a production load?
    • That’s not the same as where it goes doing unit tests!
  • Code coverage
    • What part of the code is unreachable by paying customers?
    • Why are we paying for code that no-one uses?
  • Debugging
    • I find LOTS of stuff by playing everything, not just a selected sample.
    • And you probably can use it for fuzz testing by creating data with /dev/random
  • Preproduction acceptance tests
    • Feed a copy of the production load by doing a tail -f on the production logs and feeding that to the generator
    • Consider it finding the real-world bugs without subjecting the real word to the bugs
  • Premigration/precaching
    • In one case where we did lazy fetching from another service, replaying prod preloaded us.
    • In another where performance depended on a warm cache, we preheated a system before varying it into production.

What uses can you think of?

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