Slaw Links

I occasionally do guest posts in, a legal blog. They’re a bit different from my nerdly stuff, but are the origin of “leafless”. In reverse chronological order, these are

An AI to Make Me Smarter, 21 June 2017

The Case for Redesigning Caselaw, 15 May 2017

Unlimited Copying Versus Legal Publishing, 1 June 2016

Using With Legislation, 19 Jan 2016

The Only Thing Wrong With Looseleafs Is They’re Printed on Paper, 28 July 2015 [For my birthday!]

Secure Communications by Mandated Design? 9 April 2017

Thank Goodness for the NSA! — a Fable, 1 Jan 2013

Copyright Infringement Trolls: An “Appreciation of the Situation”. 16 Jan 2013




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