Getting the resources you just used

Everyone knows the Go idiom for getting the time taken to do something: initial := time.Now() resp, err := httpClient.Do(req) latency := time.Since(initial) But what if you want to know how much CPU that unit of work required, rather than how long it took in wall-clock time? For example, how many of these http requests… Continue reading Getting the resources you just used


Play it Again, Sam — a load testing tool

For many years, I've been working in capacity planning using a combination of mathematical models and one-off test tools. I'm keeping the models: they're what make the work predictive, but it's time for a reusable tool that's simple and easy to add options to. Record-replay testing The classic way to do load testing is to… Continue reading Play it Again, Sam — a load testing tool

Canadian Politics, as Seen by a Space-Alien

I’m often puzzled by American politics, but it’s relatively simple. There are liberal and conservative parties, with ambiguous names, and they occasionally swap places. Usually they overlap, but not in this century. Canadian politics, however, can be confusing. There are five national parties, four of which are national, and they are named after what they… Continue reading Canadian Politics, as Seen by a Space-Alien