Other things to use a load generator for

Along with load testing, my projects use a generated load for: Profiling Where does the program spend it’s time when it’s actually doing a production load? That’s not the same as where it goes doing unit tests! Code coverage What part of the code is unreachable by paying customers? Why are we paying for code… Continue reading Other things to use a load generator for


To Continuous Integration / Deployment add Continuous Testing

I've had good experiences with BDD (behavior directed development) based on the "behave" python implementation, and wanted to try a go version. In the process of trying out tools, I discovered that the goConvey team had also provided a continuous-testing daemon that didn't wait until I did a git push, but instead did a test… Continue reading To Continuous Integration / Deployment add Continuous Testing

Play it Again, Sam — a load testing tool

For many years, I've been working in capacity planning using a combination of mathematical models and one-off test tools. I'm keeping the models: they're what make the work predictive, but it's time for a reusable tool that's simple and easy to add options to. Record-replay testing The classic way to do load testing is to… Continue reading Play it Again, Sam — a load testing tool