Section 230, Facebook and Newspapers

I suspect we need to hold the social media companies responsible for their decisions, not the postings of their readers. If it were a traditional newspaper, Facebook would be responsible for what it chose to write on its front page and what it stuck on page 9. Similarly, it would be responsible for what ads… Continue reading Section 230, Facebook and Newspapers

Time Budgeting

If you're concerned about the performance of your code, there is a classic performance-engineer's approach to managing risk, called a "time budget". If you're inside your budget, you can do capacity planning to get enough CPU and memory resources, at some price. But if you aren't, throwing money and developer time at a fuzzy performance… Continue reading Time Budgeting

There are two kinds of tests, but lots of names

“reverse transcription–polymerase chain reaction” tests RT-PCR tests PCR, or polymerase chain reaction tests dna tests rna tests nucleic acid tests tests using DNA and RNA, that recognize the virus directly, usually from nose and throat swabs blood tests serology tests antibody tests IgM-IgG tests Immunoglobulin tests tests where one detects antibodies in the blood, from… Continue reading There are two kinds of tests, but lots of names