How about a stable Kernel API?

Back in my ill-spent youth, I worked for three years on Solaris binary stability. These days, I work on Linux, which it turns out, has to deal with exactly the same problems. One of them is retiring deprecated kernel interfaces. Introduction We ship continuously to add features, but we keep having to fix bugs.  It's… Continue reading How about a stable Kernel API?


Try, try again (without catch)

In a previous life on clunky old individual machines, I used to have to semi-manually run steps with careful checks in between and stop if anything didn't work. Gee, now I have clusters, which have gazillions of machines, all of which I have to apply a series of steps to, and stop if anything goes… Continue reading Try, try again (without catch)

Avoiding an NP-Complete Problem by Recycling Multics’ Answer

Go can be trapped into an NP-complete problem, that of handing mutually contradictory library dependencies, if we fail to render the problem impossible. Multics started in a world where such contradictions could exist, but refused to stay there. The Multicians responded by making the problem impossible by construction. This wheel was re-invented in Solaris, and… Continue reading Avoiding an NP-Complete Problem by Recycling Multics’ Answer