Managers and Flow

I was just at a conference, and all the talks aimed at management were, well, low density.  Two sentences of information in a 30-minute talk, for example. Normally I would make jokes about it, but I've been a director and they didn't seem that dumb back then... My usual response was "welcome to marketing, two-drink… Continue reading Managers and Flow


Agile is Anal, and that’s good

I got dragged into an Agile project many years back, and expected to hate it. My background was with fixed-price and (semi-)formal-methods projects, so I was wasn't expecting to enjoy the experience. I was pleasantly surprised: the people I was working with were every bit as disciplined and quality-driven as anyone I'd ever encountered in… Continue reading Agile is Anal, and that’s good

When “Update” means “Migration”

A previous customer needed to replace a program before a 32-bit counter turned over, a simple task...  However, the 2^32 links pointed to 2^32 large files, so suddenly we were doing a large-data migration. ProblemsBefore the new service can be used, we have to do all of get the current working set onto the new servicearrange… Continue reading When “Update” means “Migration”